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Handwriting Eval

When I ask a parent to describe their concerns regarding their child’s handwriting, I usually hear one of the following responses:

“It’s messy.”

“You can’t really read it.”

“It doesn’t look as good as his peers.”

While that’s all well and vague, it’s up to me to determine not only what’s wrong with their child’s handwriting, but also what’s fixable. So here is my process…

Step 1: Gather the data.   

I don’t even start off by asking a child to write. I first look at underlying skills related to handwriting. This usually includes clinical observations of motor skills, stability of supporting joints, pencil grasp, hand strength, etc. You have to look at the foundation before you can fully address anything else.

Standardized testing typically starts with The Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (AKA the Beery VMI).

I like this test because it is broken down into three…

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