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MamaOT is proud to introduce its newest guest blogger, Abby Brayton-Chung. Abby is a pediatric occupational therapist who works in early intervention (0-3 years) and school-based settings. She’s excited to share a school OT’s perspective on what you can do with your kids this summer to make sure they enjoy themselves, develop some new skills, and come back to school ready to learn!

. . . . .

With the end of the school year and the official start of summer behind us, parents are now facing long summer days with the kids at home. What to do with all of that unstructured time? While your child may not receive occupational therapy services at school, here are five recommendations from a school OT to keep all children active and ready to learn this summer.

1. Get moving.
We're getting wet! Kids need physical activity to grow and learn. With the rise in childhood…

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I am all I know how to be. Advocate of love (all kinds and lots of it), life, self worth, growth, good food, tiny humans, social justice, lgbt rights, art history, disability awareness, multiculturalism. Aspiring Occupational Therapy (OT) Graduate Student.

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