Transitions and A Medically Complex Child

When you break down the steps, this simple life skill becomes easier.

I have used this technique to teach so many kids how to tie their shoes.  I teach shoe tying by breaking down the processes into steps. I teach a few steps at a time and then its “my turn” to finish.

For example, teach them the first few steps in crossing the laces over each other and then pushing the “Snake” into the hole. “Hand in the lap” is a way to get the kids to see each step. Once one set of steps is mastered, I have the kids move to the next natural break in the processes.  I always teach this skill with the shoe off the foot before I teach it on the foot.

Most kids do not have the hand and sequencing skills to tie their shoes until kindergarten.  This is a teachable skill but it is…

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Acorn Math Activity


Acorn Math Activity

Haven’t updated in a while! But I have been busy since I’ve started working with another family. I still haven’t heard back from schools.. I am hoping that no news is good news for now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I just wanted to post the acorn math activity I made for one of the kids I work with. I hope this works. We’ll see about that tomorrow!

Sensory Room part 1


Love this!

Group by Group

We run the Fine Motor group twice a week in Jeannie’s classroom and each time we go to our sensory room before beginning the group. In the sensory room our students are able to engage in a variety of movement activities to help build body awareness, strength and endurance. As students engage in the activities it also allows for choice making and language opportunities.

imagesThis view shows the fabulous mural that some college students

painted for us. We also have a crash pit—great for

proprioceptive and vestibular input. There are also

two swing mounts which we can hook up our

different swings.





imagesThe college students also constructed these sensory boards which have such awesome tactile and visual things to explore.










imagesThe jump and play island (purchased from Southpaw catalog)

is a very popular piece of equipment. The combination

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Finally done with OT Applications!


I finally finished completing the entire OTCAS application for 5 schools a few days ago. What a relief! I just have a few more supplemental applications to submit, but now it’s just the waiting game (again!), haha.

I know so much more now than when I had applied two years ago. Since the most overwhelming part is over, I can focus on work and things I really want to do!

I’m so excited for this year. Hopefully I get interviews by September. Fingers crossed, my friends!